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Haze Her Discount

Join Haze Her for Only $9.95/mo.   $14.95 for One Month – 50% OFF $9.95/mo. for One Year – 67% OFF   What makes every mom really proud? It’s when her daughter has finally graduated high school life and about to enter the thresholds of college. It’s always something that makes every mother weep but proud, […]

Mofos Discount

Join Mofos for Only $9.95/mo.   $17.95 for One Month – 40% OFF $9.95/mo. for One Year – 67% OFF   Things come and go. Sometimes, the things that elude are bound to come back. And when they come back, they are bigger and stronger. They come back in a much grander scale. This is how […]

Passion HD Discount

Join Passion HD for Only $7.95/mo.   $9.95 for One Month – 67% OFF $7.95/mo. for One Year – 75% OFF I’ve always been a big fan of high definition quality pornography. Well, you know how that goes. You get to see porn like you’re actually the guy who’s fucking the girl because the viewing experience seems […]

Playboy TV Discount

Join Playboy TV for Only $9.95/mo.   $19.99/mo. for 3 Month – 33% OFF $9.99/mo. for One Year – 67% OFF   Playboy Magazine has been around since 1982 and I don’t think I can imagine myself without all those issues I’ve received under secrecy knowing the fact that my mom would have gotten quite ballistic. Thought, […]