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Have you ever been brokenhearted by a girl that you loved so much? That you have invested all of your time just for her to constantly cheat on you with someone in your circle of acquaintances?


Well, the sequence and details might be different for you, but for as long as you have been betrayed by a person you really loved, then you shouldn’t really linger too much on the impinging effect. Simply move forward with your life and know that revenge is sweet, so you’re gonna have to have it. But, one thing you should know is that the best way to avenge anyone or yourself is to do it in silence. And that is how sex scandals come to life in the internet world.

GF Revenge is a porn site with a certain concept that you will really like — getting back to your ex. And I don’t mean getting back like together, but getting back at her. Through this site, you will come to realize that the best ways to take revenge is to carefully plan and feign feelings. Set up the room and have sex with her again, pretending that you still want to be together, even when you’ve resolved for a breakup for good. The site therefore is basically about sex videos that wasn’t consented by the women in it as a means of revenge to the betrayed men. And it tells you how to do things right.

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GF Revenge gives you over 200 high definition videos that run for 10 minutes each minimum. You can’t download as much as you want for as long as you are subscribed. You also get to enjoy 235 photo galleries with optimal quality pictures. The models are hot, the guys have big penises, abs and defined muscles. The curves are perfect as much as the boobs and booties are. For as low as $17.95 a month, you’re gonna get more than you ask for. Enjoy!