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What makes every mom really proud? It’s when her daughter has finally graduated high school life and about to enter the thresholds of college. It’s always something that makes every mother weep but proud, crying but happy. For, her daughter will finally enter a new stage of maturity that she, as a daughter too, once has experienced back in the days.


She knows the struggles and she knows the enjoyments that counter the hardships. Either way, she knows college is fun and more than that, meaningfully formative. But, little do some mothers know that their daughters are also joining sororities that are making every college girl go through pain as a means of pledging. This they show you at Haze Her.

We all know that America is an extremely liberal country and that its peoples are all living under great liberation. Sororities are among the proof of this as they portray the act of practicing free will for the entries to such means decisions are personally made by girls themselves. HazeHer.com shows us videos of college girls attending sororities — from the time they enter to the time they become the conductors of the pledging themselves. But don’t worry, though, all the sadism and masochism seen through this site are artificial — the actresses are just really good at doing their thing, which is acting. 

Haze Her has over 50 videos in its database today. Each video would run from 35 to 40 minutes, which basically means every video is truly a lengthy one. In the best of ways that is because you will see how a sorority operates and the kind of eccentric nudity they perform. While they usually play with dildos and other sex toys, they celebrate from time to time with a real man with a big dick that the whole party will suck and fuck. Lucky is the guy who will be chosen by them. And with a subscription rate of only $19.95 a month, your satisfaction is definitely guaranteed with Haze Her.