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Mr Skin is here to cut down the amount of time you spent searching for all your celebs and the naked scenes they appear in. Now don’t act like you have never searched for those scenes because we all have. In most cases, we ended up with advertisements or those fake nude celeb sites that can be very annoying.


Now, this site has done all the legwork and you can reap the fruits of their labor all day. All you have to do is buy that membership pass. So what kind of material do these guys offer new members? Is it something that is really “world leading” as they like to call themselves? Let’s find out! First thing you need to know is that this site has been gathering this material for years. They have gone back and found scenes that people forgot about, and many that people didn’t know existed. And now, they stand in front of you with more than 50,000 scenes and clips.

The material that they have includes any celeb who has ever disrobed, had a sex scene, or was half-nude, in lingerie, bikini, photo shoots, and so on. The material they have comes from TV and cinemas that the celebs have acted in. This vast material continues getting vaster since the site keeps on updating. How quickly do they add material? Every damn day! There is something about the organisation of the information inside this site that makes us very happy. It’s professional and there are copious amounts of it. You can clearly see that this is one dude who loves his work, and that means that the material inside has a personal touch that only Skin can provide.

You will see that the site has formats like windows, mp4, mov. The length of the clips really depends on the scene or series they were cut from. You will see that the site doesn’t have actual pictures but rather they have some 178000 videos caps that you can access. The video caps, like the clips, come with information so that you can know who the celeb is, what they do, and how far they take things. You will see a forum where you can communicate with the webmaster or other members. There is a section that shows you the updates that they have done, links, menus and search features are all there. The quality of the material can be from HD to normal resolution really. You see, this site just lifts the clips the way they are from the source, thus, quality depends on the source of the material. But generally, the quality is not bad at all!

It would definitely seem that Mr Skin has gained fame and popularity by simply showing famous celebs and all the skin they ever showed in front of the camera. The site is magnificently large, always growing, and the leading celeb site where you can get your nude stars. Join them? Hell yes!