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playboy-tvPlayboy Magazine has been around since 1982 and I don’t think I can imagine myself without all those issues I’ve received under secrecy knowing the fact that my mom would have gotten quite ballistic. Thought, my dad would have shared the same sentiments because, you know, we’re both of the male species and I pretty much got my personality from him and I would really say, thanks, Dad, for making life more meaningful for me and that I don’t always need commitment so long as I had porn magazines. Anyways, the magazine has stepped up to a higher level. You will know all of what I’m talking about with PlayBoy TV.

One of the great things about a sexy magazine turning into a porn site is that it knows no limits anymore. Another great thing is that all of the characters you will see are smoking hot for the very reason that they came from the modeling world, going all the way to the deepest depths of the adult industry. You will really be able to appreciate how magnificent curvilicious women can be. While not all of their boobs are actually natural, at least they look natural and you couldn’t care less because you would still do anything just to be able to motorboat them. PlayBoy TV is therefore a haven for all those who need their sexual fix everyday. 

To tell you the truth, you get a lot more than you could think of with PlayBoy TV. First of all, all you’re going to see throughout your pornographic viewing experience are hot models because most of the actresses are homegrown models of Playboy Magazine who are up to put everything out just to show their fervor and of course earn the kind of life they want. There are over 1,815 movies, all of DVD quality while the others are in pure high definition viewing. All the videos have an average of 30 minutes of run-time each.

The better part is that all the videos are downloadable, allowing you to watch the videos anytime and anywhere, should you ever feel horny along the road which is always likely to happen. For something worth $9.99 a month, you wouldn’t regret it. All the things you get from here are premium material. Playboy signature, baby!